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Lesson 1: Built to Last

Commitment is a contract between two people; both have to do their part to ensure success. It’s hard work, but the benefits are enormous. Happy, healthy relationships can and do happen. This class teaches how to make them happen for you.

Lesson 2: Finding the Right One

If you’re single you can avoid the painful mistake of an abusive, neglectful, or controlling relationship. If you’re married this section will help you to guide your children and other loved ones through the dating process. Learn how to truly know someone, how to build trust, and the role of healthy commitment and intimacy.

Lesson 3: Be Ok to Be On Your Own

Your strength and independence are crucial to building healthy relationships. In this lesson we will give you the tools to advance these traits in yourself. Can you be strong and happy on your own? How can you avoid forming unhealthy relationships? What does compatibility really mean? The answers await you.

Lesson 4: Nurture Your Relationship

Your relationship is like a garden. It takes work, but the sweet fruit it produces is well worth it. You’ll want to give your relationship garden adequate sunlight and water, spread unpleasant-but-necessary manure, tolerate thorns, and remove weeds. We’ll show you how, complete with tips to improve communication and conflict resolution. Let’s get our hands dirty.

Lesson 5: Speaking Your Partner's Language

How can you and your partner ensure that both feel loved, appreciated, and respected? In this lesson we’ll review exactly how to get both of your needs met, how to speak each other’s language, and how the Golden Rule of Couples Relationships differs from the golden rule you’ve always heard about.

Lesson 6: Is Anger the Problem?

One of you wants to fix the problem while another just wants to be heard. Turns out, you can do both at the same time! You’ll learn right here, right now how to fix and validate simultaneously, as well as how to replace anger and drifting apart with vulnerability and connection.

Lesson 7: Pride vs. Humility

Would you rather be right or happy? If your top desire is to be right, good luck staying married! If you’d rather be happy, we will teach you how to abandon the fruitless quest for retribution in favor of humility, understanding, and accountability. You’ll learn to identify the parts you both play in creating your problems, as well as the rare exceptions to the “Two to Tango” rule.

Lesson 8: Staying Best Friends

Many people marry their best friend. Then life happens. Although bills, children, health concerns, and other stressors will pile up, this lesson will teach you how to grow closer through it all. You can be besties forever!

Lesson 9: Supporting One Another

One of the most important things you can do to have a thriving marriage is to support one another’s dreams. If you feel that your partner is holding you back (or vice versa) it will lead to resentment and may destroy intimacy and trust. However, having each other’s back and playing an active role in accomplishing goals will bond you like few other things will.

Lesson 10: Kids

We hear it a lot. “We got along great when it was just the two of us. But now that we have kids…” You’ll have different perspectives when it comes to raising children. Getting on the same page and being united is essential, not just for the well-being of your offspring, but for your marriage as well. This lesson lays the foundation.

Lesson 11: Money & Sex

Couples fight over money and sex. That’s no secret. What’s less well-known is how to successfully navigate those topics and grow closer together as a result. You can be financially secure. You can consistently experience amazing lovemaking. Buckle up, because we’ve got the info you need.

Lesson 12: The Never-Ending Honey Moon

Marriage is like a water pipe: you want the love to flow constantly. However, hurt, anger, resentment, and other unresolved issues can clog the pipe and slow (or cut off) the flow. In this final lesson we evaluate how to unclog the pipe, keep love flowing, and work together to face life’s challenges with hope and togetherness.

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