Connecting with Personality Type

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Lesson 1: Personalities

You want to connect with almost anyone, resolve almost any conflict, meet the needs of others, and get yours met as well. But how? In this course you'll learn what makes different people tick, what motivates them, and what they value. 

Lesson 2: Dreamer

If you've got big energy, big ideas, and love fun, but struggle with follow-through and attention to detail, this lesson is gonna be your jam. If that's not you, you'll get perspective on loveable people you adore... who may also drive you bananas!

Lesson 3: Healer

If you're compassionate, comforting, and empathetic, yet perhaps more easily offended and taken advantage of than others, we're here for you. If that's not you, learn here how to connect with healers without breaking their hearts.

Lesson 4: Closer

If you get it done no matter what, you're reliable, yet perhaps a bit of a bulldozer in your relationships, buckle up. If you love someone like that, you probably dig their drive and follow-through, yet they can also frustrate you. Learn here how closers can have thriving relationships. 

Lesson 5: Thinker

If you're always "in the know," do your research, and think things through, yet some people see you as dry, condescending, or emotionally detached, you are a Thinker! Learn here how to thrive as, or relate to, a Thinker.

Lesson 6: Connecting and Resolving Conflict

Now that you understand the four types, you've got the foundation to construct a happy life together with the ones you love. Now, the next steps to build relationships, have fun, get stuff done, and figure things out. With just about anyone. Learn how right here. 

Lesson 7: What is My Worth?

No matter your personality type, you likely have insecurities that hurt you and contribute to negative behaviors. Learn how to gain more confidence and overcome limiting self-beliefs. Right here. Right now.

Lesson 8: Inside Out

The things that you love about a person are tied to the very things that drive you crazy. Here’s how to embrace the negative with the positive, overcome narrow perspectives, and encourage growth. Your loved ones will thank you.

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