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Mend Your Light Membership

Welcome to the Mended Light membership! Kicking things off this month, Jonathan and Alicia answered your questions about trauma recovery, emotional wellness, mental health, and more! It got real, folks.

Relationship Foundations

What if a licensed couples and family therapist gave you all his biggest secrets? The essential skills for long-lasting, healthy, happy relationships are available to you NOW at the click of a mouse. Jonathan Decker's "Relationship Foundations" online video courses are here to give you the inside track for enhanced intimacy, improved communication, powerful conflict resolution, speaking each other's love language, mastering personality differences, blending families, essentials for couples, and more!

Healing Courses

There are so many experiences in life to learn from and grow through! 

Sometimes though, if you don't have the right tools or enough support, it feels like an insurmountable mountain to climb. No fear! You do not need to climb those mountains in life alone. We and the Mended Light community are here to support you as we learn and grow together. Each week there are new video courses, designed specifically for you, such as Moving Through Grief, Healthy Dating and so much more! So join us, as we make the world a brighter place together.

Live Q and A

You've got questions about trauma recovery, mental health, and relationships. We all do! Every month Alicia and Jonathan combine their experiences, training, and learning to offer you answers, resources, and guidance. Every month they'll cover new topics and engage directly with you! Rewatch the Q&A's right here!

Book of the Month Club

They say knowledge is power, and that's true. But knowledge is also healing. Every month you're invited to join Jonathan and Alicia in reading a different book that will lift you in your healing journey and point you towards emotional wellness and relationship mastery. Enjoy new audio discussions every week and interact with Alicia and Jonathan every month in a live book club discussion!

Trauma - Free Video Series

3 Keys to Healing from Trauma

(and How to Have the Life You Want)

You can find strength, courage, and peace even after it feels like
your world is dangerous, painful, and frightening.

Divorce - Free Video Series

3 Keys to Healing and Hope After Divorce

(and How to Cope with the Loss and Transition)

Trade chaos, uncertainty, and despair for resiliency, strength, and hope. 

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