Relationship Foundations

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Couples Foundation

Love can be fragile. How do you marry the right person and make it last? Whether you’re married, single, dating, or engaged, this course will give you the essentials to pick well, stay best friends, communicate, evolve together, maintain passion, and resolve conflict over kids, money, and sex. Get the foundation on which to build a lasting, thriving union. 


The people you adore can also drive you crazy. Sometimes you struggle to get your needs met, or to meet those of a loved one. Resolving conflict and connecting with someone vastly different from you can be a real challenge. The solutions to these common struggles lie in understanding personality. This course unlocks the secrets.

Family Councils

Is your life, your marriage, or your family disorganized? Do you feel like you’re not meeting your goals, on the same page with loved ones, or that those you care about are in danger of slipping away? This course takes you through the inspired family councils system, which will help you to build your best self and solidify your relationships.

Love Languages

Gary Chapman’s seminal book “The 5 Love Languages” has improved countless relationships. In this course Jonathan pulls from that text, along with his own experiences as a licensed marriage and family therapist, to help you understand how your partner, your children, and others give and receive affection, and how to get them to “speak your language” as well.

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