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June 2024: Removing the Barriers of Self-Love

What's getting in the way of your self-acceptance?

May 2024: All About Attachment Part Two

Alicia joins Jonathan this time!

April 2024: All About Attachment

Are you securely or insecurely attached? Is your behavior anxious, avoidant, or disorganized? We'll explore how your childhood affects you now, and how to claim the closeness you want. 

February 2024: Giving Yourself the Love You Seek

Be your own Valentine. It's everything.

January 2024: Peace After Trauma

How can you find yourself again?

December 2023 - Surviving the Holidays

Alicia and Jonathan are here to help you make it through December!

November 2023: Parenting

What are YOUR greatest parenting struggles?

October 2023 - Facing Fears

We've all got fears. You can master them.

September 2023 - Your Greatest Challenge

What are you struggling with?

August 2023 - Blending Families

Death, divorce, starting over, coparenting... it's a lot! 

July 2023 - When it comes to loving yourself, what is your single greatest challenge?

Are you hard on yourself? Why?

June 2023 - What gives your life meaning?

Ask us anything about creating hope and purpose!

May 2023 - Dealing with Depression

It's heavy. It's difficult. It's painful. There is hope. 

April 2023 - All Things Anxiety

How can you manage stress, anxiety, and panic?

March 2023 - Managing Trauma Triggers

Do you know how to work through panic, fear, and anxiety?

February 2023- Healing the Scars of Childhood Trauma

Those old wounds don't heal unless you work through them.

January 2023- Welcome to Mended Light!

Alicia and Jonathan address manipulation, accountability, trauma, and more!

July 2024: Intergenerational Trauma

How has your family's suffering affected you?

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