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You Deserve to Heal

The effects of abuse and trauma are devastating to individuals and to families.
While trauma is not your fault, healing is your opportunity.

You May Be Asking Yourself: 

  • What do I do if I have flashbacks and awful moments of reliving abuse?
  • How can I handle being haunted by feelings of worthlessness?
  • How do I understand and accept that what I experienced was abuse, even if there were severe lies, manipulations, and gaslighting?
  • What will help me overcome the crushing shame along with the belief that it was all my fault, and feeling unworthy of love?
  • What do I do if my response to trauma is to hide from the crushing pain?
  • How do I create boundaries with loved ones who don’t understand and push me to “get over it?”

You’ve got these questions. We’ve got answers.


There is Hope.

Healing is Possible. Perhaps you want to feel whole and complete. To know that you are safe. To be seen, known, and accepted. Or maybe you just want to stand on your own with confidence. To shine your light, to find your power, and to live with courage. Mended Light exists to help you heal and reclaim your life.

(Includes the Mend Your Light App)

  • You’ll get Jonathan’s ever-growing catalog video courses on trauma, relationships, and mental health. Learn the skills he teaches in therapy!
  • Live Q&A’s with Alicia and Jonathan about emotional health and trauma recovery to give you support and guidance in creating the life you want.
  • Mended Light Book Club: study along with us a new book every month, including online video discussions with Jonathan and Alicia, to help you grow in emotional awareness, relationship skills, and personal resilience.

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Mend Your Light Membership

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